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27 Jun, 2021

What You Can Expect with Battery Storage Solutions

Battery storage has never been more affordable. There’s plenty of evidence that this technology is the key to a bright future for energy users. The power industry is changing radically with many co ...

20 Jun, 2021

Why Batteries are becoming More of a Must than an Option

While batteries were once the preserve of large enterprises or those with a limitless budget, you can now buy a battery storage system significantly cheaper than it used to be. A battery storage syst ...

13 Jun, 2021

What You Can Gain from Investing in Battery Storage Solutions

Battery storage for solar systems has the capacity to reduce your electric bills by up to 40%! Battery storage for solar systems is usually rated based on how much electricity they can store and how ...

6 Jun, 2021

Why It Pays to Join the Movement

Solar panel prices are constantly dropping as technology improves and new innovations are made. With more and more Australian’s installing solar panels – the industry is booming – so join the m ...

30 May, 2021

Solar Is More Accessible than Ever – It's Time to Make the Switch

Solar is cheaper than ever before. There has never been a better time to make the switch to solar with our team. But it’s not just a solar system that you’ll receive…LV Solar prid ...

23 May, 2021

The Potential Savings of Solar

Shopping around for a solar power system can be confusing, with many different products and companies in the market. By choosing a company like LV Solar that has signed on to the Clean Energy Council ...

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