Battery Storage

Stored Power For When The Sun Don't Shine

Battery storage for solar systems has reached new heights for affordability and accessibility, even for homeowners. The power of a battery storage system lies in its ability to free you from the grid entirely in terms of providing you with solar-powered electricity whenever you need it.

Any electricity you generate through your solar system during the day that is not put to use in your home is called excess energy. This excess energy is stored in the battery, from which you can draw upon at any time your solar panel can’t capture the sun’s rays and generate it in the moment (typically at night or during very cold and overcast weather).

When you combine this with all the energy savings tricks in the book (proper insulation, energy efficient appliances and timers, for example) you maximise a further benefit by way of selling any leftover energy that you do not need to use back to the grid for financial gain.

There are solar rebates in place for battery storage systems and $0 up front finance options, and with prices at their lowest yet, now is the time to investigate if you would benefit from getting in on the action. In 5 years’ time when electricity prices are beyond your wildest imagination, your battery will still be there buffering you from the effect.

Working directly with Alf, the owner of LV Solar & Renewable Energy, you are guaranteed his perfectionism will be mapped into exactly the right solar system for your actual needs, in line with your budget and in tune with your future goals.

We won’t undercut the competition just to get the deal and make up the difference by supplying you with inferior parts or shoddy installation. We won’t turn our back on you if you need us for any electrical or solar service down the line, no matter how far in the future.

We will stand by our own guarantees and represent you should you ever need to make a warranty claim with a manufacturer of your solar system parts. We will provide you with a free 1-year Site Check Energy Savings Guarantee to ensure that your system is still performing exactly as it should:

- Wiring and Installation Check
- Panel Inspection
- Maintenance Update
- Energy Audit
Simply get in touch with us today to book your complimentary online consultation where we will discuss:

● Your current electricity bills & usage throughout the year
● The structural orientation of your home or business
● Any potential inhibitors to solar (e.g. asbestos, dated electrical panel, worn roof)
● What size system will best suit your needs
● Product choices and warranties
● Next steps


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