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5 Sep, 2021

Harnessing Free Energy From Aussie Sun

Australia is the land of sunshine, blue skies and warm sunny days, It seems only sensible that homeowners capitalise on these free resources given to us. By investing in the necessary infrastructure ...

29 Aug, 2021

You could save HOW much by switching to solar?

To be protected against the increases in power costs and gain access to your own home-grown energy, choose LV Solar & Renewable Energy as your solar provider and we’ll future proof your home ...

22 Aug, 2021

Why You Need To Invest In Your Future By Switching To Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is an essential investment in your financial future. Switching to an energy-smart household with a solar system will allow you to run power-intensive appliances such as pool filters ...

15 Aug, 2021

Our Quick Tip For Supporting Your Lifestyle And Budget With Solar

To help you reduce your electricity usage and start saving thousands on energy bills, here’s our quick tip: When you are planning to build a new home, talk to your architect and builder about p ...

11 Jul, 2021

Offering a Tailored Approach to Solar

We know that the installation process is the most important step in your solar investment. That’s why we take pride in designing and building our solar mounting systems from scratch. Our systems a ...

4 Jul, 2021

Our Installation Process

We believe that the installation process should be smooth and seamless from start to finish, and we’ll stand by our own guarantees. We’re also available to represent you should you need to make ...

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