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18 Oct, 2020

Let's be Clear on the Benefits of Solar...

Thinking of how solar could save you tens of thousands pf electricity bills? There are many misconceptions about how to truly save money on your energy cost. Luckily, we’re the team to help y ...

11 Oct, 2020

Lower your Spending in Energy Costs

With summer on the horizon, chances are you’re going to be using more energy… This is especially true if you own a pool or require air conditioning to cool your home. Getting hooked up ...

30 Sep, 2020

How you Can Reduce your Reliance on the Grid

Wildfires, rising costs of living and more time spent at home… With all of these factors in mind, it’s clear that many homeowners are looking at options that promise some level of securi ...

23 Sep, 2020

A look at our Previous Projects

A quick throw-back to a massive project that our team was responsible for spearheading. From solar installations to large-scale electrical developments, our team has the capacity to do it all. To ...

13 Sep, 2020

Keeping your Investment Protected

We walk the walk - backing up any work we do for you to guarantee the results we promised. Because we are here for the long-run. with 25 years experience in the trade we understand Solar down to its ...

6 Sep, 2020

Learn more about our 1-Year Site Check Energy Savings Guarantee

As electricians by trade, there’s one thing that we value, and that’s our work. With over two decades of experience in the trade we understand Solar down to its smallest components. And ...

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