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16 May, 2021

How Much You Can Save with Solar

It is calculated that the average person in Victoria can save over $2200 a year with solar. Through personalised design, we can ensure that you save as much as 75% on your current power bill. A tai ...

9 May, 2021

We've Done The Math – Here's what Energy Bills are Predicted to Look Like

Energy bills are predicted to double over the next decade, affecting your finances and the environment. You can reduce your carbon footprint with a PV Solar system, which generates clean power. The ...

2 May, 2021

What Solar Can Do

Things like solar assist in making our air cleaner, and the technologies are getting cheaper as demand increases. This is in comparison to electricity prices that increase every year and is constantl ...

25 Apr, 2021

Lowering Your Utility and Electricity Bills

Looking to lower your energy bill by adding PV solar to your business or home? The advantages of adding solar are many, including reduced demand charges, producing your own power, and reduced (and in ...

18 Apr, 2021

Wonder How Solar Works? We've got the Answers

Are you new to solar panels and wondering what they do? Solar may be in demand, but it’s still a new venture for most, especially for homeowners. Here’s the long and short of it… ...

11 Apr, 2021

Why Solar Education Matters

What to know more about how to take advantage of solar – a reliable, clean and cost-efficient energy supply? One part of the installation process is educating our clients. Our friendly tradespeopl ...

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